Environmental Sensor Development Kit (ESDK)

ESDK System

The Environmental Sensor Development Kit (ESDK) is an open source hardware platform that is designed to make it as easy as possible to prototype custom sensor solutions. It has been created to support the engineer activism Air Quality project, but could easily be put to use in other sensing projects — and for that matter, potentially a great many more IoT and wider applications that have a need for a small Linux computer with integrated touchscreen and GPS etc.


The system is based upon a Raspberry Pi SBC fitted with the ESDK-Main board, which provides a touch screen, physical buttons, RTC, buzzer and sensor power supply. This is then connected to a sensor chain, with sensors interfaced via I2C and/or plain GPIO.

Hardware Designs

The ESDK hardware designs are entered using DesignSpark PCB.

The original design files and manufacturing outputs may be found in the GitHub repository:


Project Documentation

Documentation is available on docs.designspark.io.



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