1.1.10. ESDK Ecosystem Adapter (EEA)

ESDK EEA board Introduction

The ESDK-to-ecosystem adapter board is designed to be used at the end of a sensor chain and transitions from the ESDK system connector to:

  • Pmod I2C

  • Grove I2C

  • Grove GPIO

  • Qwiic (I2C)

As such it enables convenient interfacing of third party modules. Schematic diagram

ESDK EEA schematic diagram Theory of operation

The ESDK-EEA provides a buffered I2C interface that can support hot-plugging without corruption of the I2C bus. An NXP PCA9508DP is utilised to effect this, combined with a dual TVS diode for additional ESD protection. The two ESDK GPIO lines are also buffered by a bidirectional voltage translator that allows for both input and output with a selectable IO voltage of 3.3V or 5V. An additional TVS diode offers additional protection for the GPIO lines. Board layout

ESDK EEA board layout