Documentation Developer Guide

Documentation is managed, built and published using:

When changes are pushed to the git repository this triggers the Read the Docs build pipeline and the resulting HTML is hosted via their servers. However, before this is done the site should be generated locally, so as to verify formatting and avoid continually pushing, having to wait for the site to build and risking errors going live. Only when the local build looks good do we commit and push.

RST content is located alongside project materials — e.g. software sources and PCB design databases — in the same git repository. This has a number of benefits:

  • The same workflow with branching and pull requests etc. can be used to manage contributions.

  • Sphinx can auto-document Python code and via plugins, other programming languages that are supported by Doxygen.

  • Project materials + documentation are managed and tagged together.

Obviously projects such as this one that are purely documentation, will have only the Sphinx config and content in their repo.

To find out where the source RST for a page is located, click on the Edit on GitHub link top-right to locate the GitHub repository containing this.